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  • Donors who set up foundations to benefit the school help secure the future of Deutsche Journalistenschule in the long term. They express their solidarity with DJS and make a sustained investment in quality journalism.

    Hans Dürrmeier Foundation for Journalism

    Since 2000, the DJS has been the beneficiary of a foundation for journalism set up by Hanns-Jörg Dürrmeier, the former chairman of the board of Süddeutscher Verlag. He dedicated his gift to the memory of his late father, Hans Dürrmeier, a former general director and publisher of SV and one of the co-founders of DJS. The foundation holds a capital of 1 million euros. Hanns-Jörg Dürrmeier hopes that his example will set a precedent in the interest of young talent: “It would be nice if other publishers committed themselves to secure the existence and independence of Deutsche Journalistenschule in the long term.”


    Walter Hofmiller from Regensburg was a student at DJS. He died in a motorcycle accident on August 16, 1980, while on his way to drop a few manuscripts into a mailbox at Munich Central Station. In memory of their son, his parents, dairy farmer Anton Hofmiller and teacher Anni Hofmiller, established the foundation in 1990. The parents recognized their son’s passion for engaged journalism. They therefore decided to invest their assets in the foundation. The proceeds support young journalists in need during their time at the DJS.

    Hans-Frieder Baisch-Foundation

    For the excellence of its training, DJS depends on topnotch technical equipment. It owes part of its modern facilities to the Hans Frieder Baisch Foundation, with whose help it can finance expensive investments. Hans Frieder Baisch was one of the first students at DJS after its founding. He was the owner and publisher of the Pirmasenser Zeitung for many years before the family sold the newspaper in 1995. From the proceeds he created a foundation that supports both DJS and youth work in his hometown. Baisch died in the spring of 2005. His foundation continues to work in his spirit.