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  • Munich is an expensive place to live, and although our students do not pay tuition, they also do not receive trainee stipends and rarely receive state support. For some, their education becomes a time of hardship, as they do not have the time to hold jobs while at school. Thankfully, there are a number of private foundations that support students at DJS.

    DJS Scholarship

    Once they’ve enrolled at DJS, students can apply for a one-year scholarship administered by the school. They must provide detailed information about their financial situation. We caution, however, that this support is not sufficient to cover all living expenses. Students should therefore look for other sources of funding, as well.

    The funding for DJS scholarships stems from interest income of the Walter Hofmiller Foundation. Our alumni association also provides money for scholarships.

    Klaus Tschira Foundation Deep Dive Programme

    Klaus Tschira Foundation promotes natural sciences, mathematics and computer science and aims to increase their societal recognition. In cooperation with DJS, it offers financial support to students totalling 10,000 euros per year. To qualify, students need to demonstrate exemplary aptitude to report on science, research and technology, for example through a STEM university degree. Interested students apply for the “Deep Dive” programme in tandem with their application to DJS.

    Outside Foundations

    FAZIT Foundation
    Application deadline: 3 months before start of training
    Maximum amount: 1000 Euro per month.

    Studienstiftung der Süddeutschen Zeitung
    Application deadline: 1sh June
    Amount: max. 500 Euro per month

    Rudolf Augstein Foundation
    Application deadline: On request
    Prerequisite: Neediness
    Funding for a maximum of one year.

    Application deadline: February and August

    Amount: max. 400 Euro per month.

    Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
    Application deadline: 31st March
    for journalism training and journalistic projects, university degree required
    Amount: max 12.000 Euro per year.

    Heinrich-Böll-Foundation/Studienstiftung Medienvielfalt, anders!
    Application deadline: 1st March and 1st September
    for people with migration history/People of Color
    Amount: same as BAFöG

    Application deadline: 31st October
    Students with Abitur or Bachelor grade <2.0
    Amount: max. 1.000 Euro per month

    Verein Münchner Sportjournalisten
    Application deadline: 31st January
    For students who are active in sports journalism
    Amount: 250 Euro per month

    Application deadline: March/April
    Scholarship for Master of Arts in Journalism
    Amount: 300 Euro per month for one year