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  • Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS) in Munich is the most respected independent
    training institution for journalists in the German-speaking world.

    Each year, we train 45 young journalists for the entire range of editorial jobs in
    professional media organisations, from online and print to radio and television.

    Our graduates occupy key positions in Germany’s media as editors, reporters and
    on-air personalities. With courage and fairness, they cover politics and society,
    culture and economics, science and sports. Their mastery of engaging storytelling
    makes them indispensable in an era of pervasive propaganda and fake news.

    Courses at DJS are taught not by academics, but by recognized journalists from
    across the country. In the scientific realm, we closely cooperate with Munich’s
    Ludwig-Maximilians-University, where 30 of our students work toward a journalism
    master’s degree in addition to their practical training at DJS.

    Our ten month program (plus six months internship) is highly selective and tuition-free. It is funded by a consortium of 40 media companies, public institutions, corporations, foundations and organizations. None of the donors exerts dominant influence over the school. Together, we guarantee that factual, probing and high-quality journalism will continue to foster civilized discourse and informed decision-making in the future.

    DJS was founded in 1949, the brainchild of Munich journalist Werner Friedmann,
    who fought for tolerance and liberalism in response to Nazi rule. For his program, he
    sought out young people with a passion for truth and justice.

    Since then, 2400 journalists have graduated from DJS, forming a strong network for
    quality journalism. On a daily basis, they and our teachers, team members and
    supporters make a decisive contribution to build resilience for democracy.