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  • Deutsche Journalistenschule is supported by a funders association of over 50 media outlets, organisations, companies and foundations. A registered, non-profit association, DJS e.V. includes newspaper and magazine publishers as well as public broadcasters, private broadcasters and production companies, publisher associations and journalism guilds.

    Members support the school through annual fees. Together with subsidies from the Federal Government, the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich, these fees allow DJS to offer its training to students free of charge.

    The board of the funders association is the supervisory body of the school. It ensures a regular exchange of information between the school’s management and its supporters.

    Chairman of the board of DJS e.V. is Volker Herres. A graduate of the school, he served as program director to ARD television from 2008 to 2021.

    Other board members are Dennis Amour, managing director of the Bavarian Journalists Association; Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda, publisher and owner of Hubert Burda Media Holding KG; and Dr. Oliver Friedmann, chairman of the editorial board of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    Members of DJS e.V.: