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  • All instructors at Deutsche Journalistenschule are practitioners; they do not only impart knowledge, but also demonstrate their daily craft. This has been our principle from the start.

    Lecturing from the pulpit is not to be expected at DJS. Rather, instructors lead staff meetings, structure lively discussions and help students in their quest for the best angle to a story. They dissect sentences and demonstrate how to report the news, conduct an interview and craft a narrative. Many remember from their own time as journalism students that the best critiques are tough without being personal.

    Our instructor roster features 110 successful journalists, from freelance authors to editors-in-chief. They work for newspapers, online publications, public and private broadcasters, and hail from Munich as well as from other cities and states. With their experience and innovative spirit, they represent the diversity of our profession.

    In the course of our programs, a very collegial relationship develops between students and instructors. “You can call me at the office at any time” is a frequent offer, and highly appreciated by young journalists striving to break into the profession.