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  • Two intense days await those 150 applicants who have made it into the final phase of the admission process. Having submitted the top-ranked stories, they now get the opportunity to introduce themselves in person.

    The entrance examination takes place in Munich every spring. It starts with an assessment of your knowledge of current events, through a questionnaire and a picture test (write-in answers, no multiple choice!). You will also be required to submit a second writing sample under time pressure. It involves writing a story based on information from a television report.

    On the second day, you will be interviewed by a panel of eight judges. Their questions pertain to your life so far, your motivation and your understanding of journalism. The panel consists of renowned journalists from all areas of the media, many of whom received their own training at DJS.

    Applicants for the master course are given an additional task at Ludwig Maximilian University: They are asked to develop an idea for a master thesis based on a scientific paper they are given to read.

    Points are awarded for each part of the entrance examination. The 45 top-ranked candidates receive an invitation to enroll at DJS in the fall.