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    Supporting Deutsche Journalistenschule helps secure the future of quality journalism. In a changing media world where false news and propaganda achieve ever greater reach, training journalists to report the news independently, fairly and courageously is crucial. Our funders, supporters and alumni help achieve this goal through membership fees, donations, scholarships and grants.

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    Admission to Deutsche Journalistenschule is highly selective. We are looking for applicants who bring courage, talent, knowledge and passion to the study of journalism.
    Each year, we admit 45 students through a multi-stage application process. It requires you to demonstrate your ability to do original research, tell a good story, make a convincing argument and keep up to date on current events.

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    #journalistenschule 2018

    For International Press Freedom Day (3 May 2018), alumni of Deutsche Journalistenschule returned to their hometowns across the country to argue about and for journalism. They spoke about their work in newsrooms and press offices in classrooms at more than 100 secondary schools and vocational schools. They discussed ethical principles, sources of error and concepts like “fake news” with more than 8000 high school students. They chose to speak up and get involved in the debate about the credibility of the news media. Their initiative aimed at strengthening media competence and creating trust for the future.

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